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El Chaparral
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Urban plot in El Chaparral, La Cala de Mijas, Mijas Costa to build a residence for elderly persons. Project included in the price! This residence will be located in a very green area of Mijas Costa, very close to the sea, in a quiet residential area, with easy access to the N340A expressway, nearby public transport and very close the Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella and Fuengirola. The centre will have attractive gardens, with areas for rest and for walking, as well as facilities designed to ensure that the clients and their families enjoy a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment. The Seniors El Chaparral centre is foreseen to have 50 self-contained living spaces, total allowed construction 1m2/m2, allowed occupation of the land 35%. The nursing home will be a centre where older people live temporarily or permanently in most cases when they are dependent and require some help from third parties. This centre will become an alternative to the family home when a series of circumstances (family, economic, socio-sanitary, etc.) converge that discourage their stay at home. The residence will offer full-service accommodation and maintenance, psychosocial and rehabilitation care, as well as health care and personal care. In many cases, gerontological services are included, in which a team of professionals is responsible for ensuring the health of dependent elders. The residence will offer a wide variety of services, but the most important for the well-being of the elderly are the following: Maintenance of the residents, they will be given everything they need to have a decent life, such as food, company, attention and the necessary care to spend the rest of their days as well as possible. Stimulation of functional capabilities, in this way we get them to be active as long as possible and more stimulated. Sociocultural dynamization, with the creation of activities users, will be more integrated and therefore more comfortable in the centre. Health care, for the most dependent residents and who need more medical care. Aid for social integration, many of the residents do not have resources or families, thus entering the centre, socialise and are not alone. Occupational therapy, to maintain health and train the elderly to achieve the highest degree of independence. Medical, nursing service, ensuring the care and prevention of pathologies. Psychosocial attention to help users at all times. Transportation of residents, in case it is necessary to transfer them to or from the hospital. Administration of drugs, so that they are treated properly and can maintain health. The centre will also have a kitchen, laundry, cleaning, maintenance and gardening. WHERE WILL THE EL CHAPARRAL CENTRE BE LOCATED El Chaparral beach belongs to the town of Mijas Costa, Malaga. Being one of the longest beaches of the town, it has a length of 4,400 meters and about 12 meters of average width. The beach El Chaparral is characterized by moderate waves and dark sand, in which in some rocky areas are distinguished. In 2018 it received the quality recognition "Q". In 2010 part of the extension was rated as a nude beach. It has an average occupancy level and is ideal for walking, bicycling, windsurfing, sailing and diving. Mijas Costa in which El Chaparral is located has a large coastline where the combination of beach, sun and nature provide a pleasant experience complemented by the cuisine. There is also the Chaparral Golf Club located in a privileged and unique environment on the Costa del Sol, next to the sea (700 meters from the beach) and surrounded by an immense forest of Canarian pine and native Mediterranean forest. Chaparral Golf Club offers the golf player what every golfer is looking for: an unforgettable experience. The centre will be located about 5 km from the big shopping mall Miramar in Fuengirola, 32 km from Ma´laga airport (About 2 minutes) and 23 km from Marbella centre. But closer to this you have the popular towns of La Cala de Mijas 3 km, Riviera del Sol 6 km, Calahonda 7 km and Cabopino beach 9 km away.