Property for sale in las lagunas

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Las Lagunas
Build and Plot
It is TRANSFERRED local that occupies an area of ​​about 380 square meters, to which we must add the current 90 square meters occupied by the terrace, which is expandable to more meters, could almost double. Inside it has 46 trampolines, including some inclined beds, different heights, etc. From a ball pool, a small climbing wall and a zip line.    It also has an interior room dedicated mostly to celebrating birthdays, a warehouse to provide the kitchen, bathrooms, one of them adapted to disabilities with current regulations, kitchen space with smoke outlet, bar, bar and several interior tables.    On the terrace we have about 34 tables that we adapt by expanding or reducing according to the influx of public, celebrations or other events.    The business is located in a privileged place since it is inside a square where children can play freely without near danger of cars or motorcycles.    In this square, the construction of a children's road education park is planned by the municipality of Mijas, an installation that undoubtedly favors the projection of this business.    Also say that our neighbor to the south is the municipal nursery of Mijas, just behind we have an institute, and on the northern edge is another institute, the municipal library and theater and the sports center. A very favorable environment for this business without a doubt.    It is currently at full capacity with a regular client portfolio of over 2,000, we have a membership card with special conditions and a food and beverage menu according to the type of establishment.    In the kitchen we have everything you need, refrigerators, freezers, a large propane iron, high-capacity propane fryers, fume hood, work tables, etc.    At this time there are several improvements and projects planned on the premises that we inform you in person at the request of the interested party.  PRICE TO CONSULT WITH REGARD TO DIFFERENT PAYMENT AND LOCAL MANAGEMENT METHODS.